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It’s New Year’s Eve and you’ve got a group of friends and family over, mulling about, waiting for time to pass. You want everyone to have fun and for the time to pass swiftly, which is understandable given that time can pass as slow as a turtle in molasses. My suggestion? Plan a few games to help turtle time sprout wings and fly.

Whose Resolution Is It?

Preparation required
Have everyone write their resolutions on a slip of paper and place them in a bowl. Read the resolutions out, one by one, and get your guests to guess which one of them wrote it. Spice it up with your adult crowd by making wrong answer givers take a shot!

What happened in 2013?

Preparation required
Make a list – or find a list online – of all the major events that happened in 2013. Play it out in one of two ways: written quiz for your guests completed individually or in groups; or make it a game of charades. Bonus points if your include Miley Cyrus “twerking” at the MVAs.

Broken Picture Telephone

Hilarious misinterpretations combined with horrible penmanship make this better than the broken telephone of yore. The best set of instructions I’ve found are here. When you finish – try to end on a sentence – have everyone go around the circle and read the first sentence and last sentence on the page – let hilarity ensue!

Don’t forget the classics!

Board games are great for parties, especially ones that are played in groups. My top three are Taboo, Scattergories and Apples to Apples – though that last one isn’t really a group game. It’s still hilarious amounts of fun.

Have fun this New Year’s Eve and make it a night to remember for all of 2014!


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