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My smoke detector is bleeping loudly at me as I attempt to turn my chicken cutlets that are not burning?! As I wave my kitchen towel frantically under this bleeping machine, I am also trying to prevent my four and six year old from burning themselves on the open oven as they run through the kitchen. From the corner of my eye I notice the dog, panting hard and cowering in the corner. And, my pre-teen son is asking (ok, yelling) “what is going on mom?” from his upstairs bedroom…

This is the scene in my house on any given night, no thanks to an overly sensitive smoke detector that clearly hates me. I will not disarm it and I will not pull the batteries out. I am all too aware of the tragedies that can ensue when there is not a properly functioning detector in a home. So, when I happened upon an article about a friendly, happy smoke detector, I was eager to do some research.

The Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector does not come cheap, retailing at about $130 for the lithium battery operated version. You do, however, get a lot of bang for your buck.

Triple duty

As the name implies, the unit is both a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector. As carbon monoxide poisoning can take on the common symptoms of the flu, it is imperative that your home be equipped with one, especially a home with young children. In addition, the motion sensor detects movement and emits a gentle light at night – perfect for a trip to the washroom down an otherwise dark hallway.

Gentle warning

Before going crazy, the detector will emit a yellow light and warn you, with a human voice, of any situation that it deems minor. If it is, in fact, a false alarm, you can wave your hand under the unit to turn it off – no towel needed.

When something is wrong

When a real threat is detected, the unit will not only emit a loud alarm but will also speak to you with a human voice, alerting you to what the problem is and where it is (All Nest Detectors are connected). Studies have found that children, in particular, tend to be more sensitive to a voice than to an alarm, especially during sleep. In addition, the Nest will send you a notification to your mobile device, via an iphone/ipad and android supported app.


What the Nest cannot do is alert the fire department of a threat. Some users also reported that a simple wave of the hand to stop a nuisance alarm is a bit of an understatement. That being said, the Nest has solidly earned a top spot on my list of must-buy items.





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