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A cutting board or chopping block, made from a good-quality wood, is not an inexpensive kitchen investment. Sometimes costing upwards of $100, it needs to be properly maintained to sustain both its beauty and usability. Taking a fair share of daily abuse, from staining and knife marks to fading from repeated washing, regular oiling will prevent damage and replenish the board’s moisture.

Boos Block Board Cream is made by John Boos, a leading manufacturer of high quality butcher blocks. Marketed as a safe choice, it features a natural formula of unbleached beeswax combined with food grade mineral oil to penetrate deeply into the grains of the wood. Why we love it? It sells for about $10 CAD for a 5 ounce tube and users agree, it does the job well.

Positive comments included:

Its ability to prevent staining from highly pigmented fruits and veggies.

The beeswax provides a moisture proof barrier, making cleanup and washing easier.

The cream is easier to use and more effective than oil.

Works well on all wooden utensils, not just cutting boards.


Most reviewers did mention that it should be left on overnight and sometimes a board needed repeated application.

Boos Block Board Cream can be purchased at Costco and


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