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Activity monitors took over the market in 2013, changing exercise forever. These mini-computers motivate us to be more active, all day. Every day. It can be as simple as walking instead of bussing or choosing the stairs over the elevator – reading your progress right away motivates you to continue substituting sedentary habits with exercise.

How, you ask?

By tracking every movement you make, analyzing the date and portraying it in a tangible, honest representation of your total daily exercise. It helps that said representation is pretty graphs and charts.

But… How?

Using sensors, like an accelerometer that measures your speed and distance, transforming that data to “distance travelled” or “number of active minutes”.

Many newer models incorporate one or more of the following:

  • Altimeter – measures altitude. You work harder when you’re on an incline or walking up steps, and your activity monitor should know it.
  • Calorie calculator –counts calories for you. This makes every step all the more satisfying.
  • Sleep monitor – watches you as you sleep. It records how long and well you snoozed.

Over time, you can literally SEE your progress in real time.

But… which one?

Perfect for people prone to losing keys or wallet, the wrist band stays on your person all day. However, if work requires a ton of arm movement, you might want to get a clip. The clip is great for people who want something discrete or already have too many bracelets.

Here are our suggestions:

Basis B1 Band
Heart Monitor
Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
4 day battery

Fitbit – Force, Flex or One
For a full review, click here.
$60 – 130
Sleep Monitor
Android, iOS, Web (Windows, Mac)
5 – 10 day battery

Jawbone UP
Sleep Tracker
Android, iOS
10 day battery

Withings Pulse
Heart & Sleep Monitor
Android, iOS
14 day battery


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One response to “Monitor your Active Life”

  1. quenchbytidings says:

    I use the Up and i love it. The silent alarm is a definite plus.

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