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I love the smell of clean clothes… I just hate having to go to the basement to get them. Converting a small room into a laundry room is simple when it comes to decor and organization – though you’ll have to ask a plumber about the piping!

There are a few essentials to keep in mind:


Tile. It’s easy to clean, easy to keep clean and if your machines ever overflow/malfunction, you won’t have to worry about the carpet. Avoid speckled or splotchy patterns – these are hard to keep clean as they, really, never look clean.


You want the place to appear clean without being sterile or cold; use white as your main colour and accent with any colour.


Everyone needs a flat surface for folding.
Closet laundry room – try a fold-out “table” attached to the inside of your closet door.
Small laundry room – no room for a table? Push your machines a bit apart and install a shelf between them.
Large laundry room – place a nice, antique table in one corner of the room and a matching chair.


You’ll need enough storage for, at minimum, detergent and softener; at most, you’ll want something that could take up a whole room all on its own.
Closet – find cloth organizers or baskets that fit between the machines and the wall. Hang them and presto, storage.
Small – install shelves above the machines or on the opposite wall. This is great for linens as well as detergent and softener.
Large – build a cabinet and shelving system into one wall; shop around until you find the right one for you.

Don’t forget to include a garbage bin somewhere too!


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