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Granted, such a question is next to impossible to answer with any degree of accuracy. With so many factors dictating that final assessment, like personal preferences and access to an equal variety of food, asking everyone in the world to choose a favourite cuisine seems, at first blush, just a tad outlandish, doesn’t it? Of course, how could anyone even ask everyone in the entire world anything anyway?

Well, Hotels.com found a small way to do it. And I do mean small. They surveyed 27,000 travellers from around the world asking them which cuisine is their favourite. What would your response be?

Although international travellers do still favour Italian (32%) and French (24%) cuisine, taking first and second spot in the rankings, the dishes from the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, Japan are gaining in popularity with more cosmopolitan palates. Eighteen percent of all people surveyed favoured Sushi, Tempura, Ramen and Japanese Soba, particularly when it comes to fine dining.

Japanese food could one day rule the world after being voted global travellers’ third favourite culinary delight. The survey shows there is now tough competition for more traditional favourites such as Italian and French cuisine from food from the Far East. “Japanese food is seen as great example of healthy eating and there are a variety of Japanese restaurants in every multicultural capital,” said Alison Couper from Hotels.com. “I’m a big fan of Japanese and not surprised at its elevated ranking. The fact that it beat more traditional holiday dishes such as Tapas and Burritos is testament to the world class reputation of Japanese chefs.”

Several other Asian countries appear in the Top Ten list, including China (13%), Thailand (8%), Taiwan and India (5%). The popularity of Paella and Tapas could have contributed to Spain clinching fifth place (11%) on the list, while those who love Burgers and Fries have helped the USA secure sixth place (10%) in the table. What about our own fabulous Canadian delicacies?

According to Japanese locals there is much more on the menu than just Sushi. Look for these traditional dishes to creep up the popularity scales with the global traveller:

Tempura – Dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried

Ramen – Chinese-style wheat noodles served in a meat or fish-based broth and often flavoured with soy sauce or miso, and uses toppings

Japanese soba – A type of thin noodle made from buckwheat flour

Okonomiyaki – Savoury pancake containing a variety of ingredients, such as flour, eggs, cabbage, pork, shrimp or seafood

Shabu Shabu – Variant of hot pot with thinly sliced meat and vegetables and usually served with dipping sauces

Japanese Curry – The most popular dishes in Japan, curry rice served with vegetables or meat

Yakiniku – Grilled meat dish, derived from Korean roots

Natto – Fermented soybeans with Bacillus Subtilis, which is very popular as a breakfast

Fugu – Pufferfish and related dishes


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