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How many times a week do you arrive home from a long day’s work only to plop down on the sofa and surf the net for a few hours before sleep? Maybe you try to banish those after work blahs by staying out much too late? There are reasons why we don’t always take very good care of ourselves after work. But, those reasons don’t have to become excuses. If that happens, we fall into a rut that leaves us feeling even more tired and out-of-sorts in the evening. That’s definitely not a good place to be. So, we’ve compiled some great websites that offer very useful tips to keep you at your best after he work day is done.

Lifehacker, “How To Stay Productive After Work

You might be finding that all you feel like doing after a long day of work is sitting on the couch eating take-out then trundling off to bed. Check out the tips laid out in this article for maintaining enough energy after work to keep you focussed on pursuing your passions whether its cooking, learning a new language or hanging out with friends.

The Guardian, “What Time Do Top CEOs Wake Up?”

This is a fun article to remind you that life is good. Want to live your days more like a CEO? The key is to schedule both work and leisure time, and enjoy both to the max.

Penelope Trunk, “Don’t Get Too Comfortable At Home After Work

This great article reminds us that making sure we remain challenged at work and at home is what happiness and balance are all about.

Organise My House, “How To Have A Relaxed(ish) Evening

Routine, routine, routine … certainly it’s not the first time we’ve heard that. This article lays out some routine ideas and how to achieve them. Get everything done after work and still have energy and time to spend with friends and family.

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