Hungry? Don’t scramble, just crack an egg!

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Egg recipes

When you look at an egg it looks so small and fragile. This little power packet is full of all sorts of good stuff. A very high-quality source of protein, eggs are loaded with nutrients, including iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin B12, folate, selenium, lutein and choline. They are delicious in the morning and provide energy to get you rolling.

Before you get your meal plan cracking, take a look at these delicious ways to serve eggs any time of day. From an easy grab n’ go breakfast to exotic tasty treats to fine dining dinner, eggs are so versatile and delicious you will wonder why you haven’t been eating more.

Breakfast Pizza Bagel

Who doesn’t love pizza? Have you ever had egg on your pizza? Pizza for breakfast? Eggs for dinner? This mash-up of eggs and pizza will have you wondering why you never thought of it. You start with your bagel base, add pizza sauce, cheese, meats and veggies, then comes the crowning moment … an egg in the middle. You can put these together in minutes and then toss in the oven to bake for minimal clean up.

Get the recipe from Baker by Nature.

Carbonara Potatoes

Eggs are often relegated to the morning routine, but this dish has them dressed for dinner. Get ready to impress with this simple, elegant and sophisticated take on spaghetti carbonara. Six simple ingredients, and an hour and a half, will have this delicious dish ready for dinner.

Get the recipe from Cooking Channel TV.

Savoury Indian Flavoured Egg Pancakes

For the fans of handhelds, here is a great option. The blend of curry, chili and cilantro gives your standard pancake an exotic flare. A batch of homemade spicy chili ketchup on the side will satisfy those late-night nosh sessions.

Get the recipe from

Spinach and Bacon Fried Rice

After getting in from a late-night or early flight, some protein will keep you feeling energized. If a fried egg just won’t cut it, you probably have the ingredients for some Spinach and Bacon Fried Rice. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, this tasty bowl will have you diving for more.

Get the recipe from

Keto Bacon and Egg Cheese Bites

Have no fear keto warriors, there is something on this list for you, too. The Keto Bacon and Egg Cheese bites are perfect bite-sized snacks. Grab and go in the morning or serve them up for the kids. These tasty, cheesy treats will jump start your morning with a protein punch.

Get the recipe from Maebells.

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