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Planning a party can be great fun, especially if you can access some professional advice along the way. Make sure you pick up your copy of this month’s Tidings Magazine. In it, wedding and event designer, Maureen Allen, owner of Memorable Occasions reveals pages full of creative entertaining tips. Whether you’re hosting family, friends, co-workers, one person or one hundred, the key to a great party is getting and staying organized from the get-go.

Which camp are you in? Some of us believe that parties are organic entities that take on a life of their own — so, why bother putting too much effort into planning it? It will all work out, won’t it. Some of us swear that it’s an exact science. Every aspect of the event is planned in detail and laid out in precise lists. The reality almost certainly lies somewhere in between. Whether party planning is old hat to you or new and daunting, we’ve collected a slew of bright ideas to help you wow your guests and ensure that you have a great time, too.

Camille Jocsak, owner of Planned 2 Perfection, has a few suggestions to add to Maureen’s. I asked Camille to add to our collection of ideas tips that will help anyone throw a great bash. Ultimately, whether or not you feel you have the party planner touch, by following a few simple rules and letting the creative juices flow, anyone can host the most memorable party of the season. Read on for more secrets revealed.

– Try to add a little extra to each event. For example, build a theme around your favourite colours or your company’s colours (for a work party).  It is always important to make each client feel like his or her event is the only one like it!

– Make a list and have it handy, and as ideas or thoughts come into your mind write them down.  There is nothing more stressful than trying to remember those little details or knowing that you are forgetting something but can’t put your finger on what it is.

– Remember to always compliment your hostess.  The more you compliment and mention the little touches that the host has put into the event, the more you will make her feel at ease with herself and her efforts.

– Wondering who to invite? Try not to mix too many different social groups (work, neighbours, friends). Keep your guest list to a manageable number that allows you to properly socialize and mingle with everyone.  When you try too hard to put everyone together in one event it makes it more stressful; you’re having to constantly switch hats depending on the guest.

– Remember to consider food allergies and sensitivities. You can work your food labels into your decor.  Knowing that you took the time to keep everyone safe will make guests feel special and at ease.

– Keep food simple and tasty.  Many people try too hard to be extravagant and forget that the key to a successful party is the company!  Food should be savoury and presented in a way that is apealling to look at.  It is not necessary to go overboard.  Ensure that the food is plentiful and filling.


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