The Tastiest Soy Yogurt!

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Have you ever tried making yogurt at home? I never did until I developed a lactose intolerance. I had never really been a huge yogurt aficionado before that; but, of course, when I could no longer have it, I began to crave it constantly. Technically, all yogurt should be consumable by those who are lactose intolerant because the bacteria culture is supposed to eat up all (or at least most of) the lactose. Unfortunately, reality isn’t nearly that simple. Consumers love that perfectly firm texture that pretty much all commercial yogurt now sports. To get that, manufacturers add extra milk powder to the batch after the culture has fermented. Hence the problem. Each tub of yogurt contains excessive amounts of lactose that would wreak all manner of havoc.

I’d read somewhere that homemade yogurt was more tolerable, if less firm. So, I invested forty of my hard-earned dollars on a yogurt maker. A liter of milk and seven jars of yogurt later, I found I still couldn’t stomach it. Enter the perfect solution — soy milk. Last time I checked, a medium sized tub of soy yogurt could be had for $5 or $6, or more. Granted, that’s not a whole lot of money. But, since I now had my very own yogurt maker, I thought I might as well make use of it.

I think that, in the end, it is more cost effective to make my own at home. One 2 liter container of soy milk costs about $3 and will make about 15 jars of yogurt. That’s a great deal! My favourite soy milk to use is a fortified variety because it comes with the perfect amount of sugar already added. But, really, any kind will do.

I’m on a bit of a soy milk kick right now, so stayed tuned for soy milk gelato!


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