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Sunday, July 21, is the day to indulge as much as you want in that wonderfully concoction said to have been invented in China – ice cream! It’s National Ice Cream Day and ice cream parlours around the country will be offering discounts, special flavours and even free ice cream. Make sure you visit your local ice cream shop to participate. Everything’s better with ice cream, right?

“While any time is the right time for ice cream, it is not surprising that Canadians picked the arrival of warm weather as their number one occasion to enjoy ice cream, especially with our short summers,” says Nick Javor, Senior Vice President, Cold Stone Creamery Canada. “Ice cream is one of the most versatile foods in the world, with limitless combinations, and it pairs perfectly with almost anything.”

What’s your favourite flavour? Sorbets mixed with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries will be sure to cool you down and refresh the mind, body and soul, so you can get back to enjoying the warm summer weather while it lasts. Some people like to stick to tried and true favourites, like French vanilla ice cream perhaps mixed with pecans, almonds, peanut butter cups and fudge sauce. Going on a date? Ice cream is perfect to share on a date, or any time you want to sweep that special someone off his or her feet. How about a combination of Cheesecake Ice Cream and hot fudge, mixed with brownie and graham cracker pie crust to keep you smiling so that your romance doesn’t melt.

We all know that ice cream helps us feel better when we’re down. So, if you don’t have date try a cone of chocolate ice cream, brownie, whipped topping and fudge sauce – so you can forget the disappointment and focus on eating to your heart’s content. What about if you’re having one of the best days of your life? Try a vanilla cone mixed with caramel and SKOR bar topped with rainbow sprinkles.

Here’s a fun idea: a couple of scoops of strawberry ice cream with whipped topping and bananas.

Did you know that in 2012, Canadians consumed an average of 5.6 litres each of ice cream? That’s the equivalent of approximately 24 cups per year! There’s no denying that ice cream is number one in our hearts, so here are a few other number ones when it comes to ice cream preferences among Canadians.

Chocolate is the number one ice cream flavour in Canada, however, in Quebec vanilla and chocolate are tied for first.

Chocolate ice cream alone isn’t enough to satisfy a nation full of chocoholics; fudge sauce is the number one topping, except in Alberta where caramel sauce comes out on top.

Quebecers really scream for ice cream when the hot weather hits: 65% of Quebec residents believe warm weather is the best occasion for eating ice cream, compared to 50% of all Canadians.


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