No One Minding The Store

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Here I go again, writing about food safety. Sometimes it seems that everywhere we turn there are recalls, e. coli scares or any number of potential problems with the food we eat. Well, here’s another one. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency just released an internal audit that basically condemned its own practices. Apparently, there really is no one minding the store. The report found that the Agency’s food safety program suffers from lack of strategy, management and accountability. What exactly does this lack affect? Imported food. The Agency fails to check whether or not food imported into Canada is safe for consumption.

According to the audit, “CFIA Management of Imported Food Safety has deficiencies that represent multiple areas of risk exposure requiring significant improvement related to the governance, control and risk management processes.”

“This is a sweeping condemnation which essentially found that little is being done to control the safety of imported foods. We believe this is another symptom of a critically under resourced food safety system,” said Bob Kingston, President of the Agriculture Union – PSAC which represents federal food inspectors.

What can you do? Lots. Talk to the manager of your grocery store and to your MP. Our health and welfare is much too important to ignore, don’t you think?


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