Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert 2020: Montreal’s Health & Plant-Based Food Festival

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Expo Manger Sante et Vivre vert

Due to the recent spread of COVID-19, Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert 2020 has cancelled their exposition. Instead, they will host a “virtual expo” online from March 20th to May 3rd, 2020. Visit their website to access video capsules of conferences and cooking demos that were to be presented to the public during the event; shop online and receive promo offers from exhibitors; access recipes and articles on the latest innovations and the flagship new exhibitors.

Montreal is a hub for all kinds of festivals year-round, however none quite like this one. March 20-22, Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert 2020, an exposition on healthy eating and green living, is coming to our very own Palais de Congrès downtown!

Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert 2020 aims to target all individuals at various stages of life and to introduce them to a variety of eating and living practices that are much better for themselves and the environment. “The Expo represents you, me, your father, your aunt, your grandfather, our children, and our friends,” says founder Renée Frappier. “And that is excellent news. That being said, we welcome the democratization of vegetarian, organic, and eco-friendly philosophies.”

The exposition offers some fun interactive activities throughout the weekend, such as culinary demonstrations and conferences on healthy eating and living. Coming from someone who tends to order in more than they’d care to admit, the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert 2020 will be a great opportunity to spice up my cooking repertoire with some fresh recipes. It will also feature a live cooking championship between two of Quebec’s top chefs as well as a baked goods competition that are arguably going to be the highlight of the weekend. Being able to watch these chefs do what they do best while snacking on some free food sounds like the perfect way to spend a weekend.

In my eyes, one of the best parts of this exhibition is that they’re making it as eco-friendly as possible. The organizers are working to actively compost and recycle throughout the three days of events in order to minimize its impact on the environment. Considering one of the main goals of the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert 2020 is to help us all implement some more eco-friendly alternatives in our day-to-day lives, it’s great to see those in charge setting the example.

All kinds of exhibitors will be promoting their products throughout the Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert 2020. They will primarily be from the fields of health food, natural health products and eco-friendly products. You can try some free samples of vegan food, acquire some new sustainable food packaging, and so much more. Tickets are regularly $15, with a discount of $12 per ticket offered to students and those 65+, as well as being free for those under the age of 16, so make sure to grab yours!


Alexa Nadeau is an English student at McGill University. Most of the time you can find her writing, whether it’s for academic or freelance purposes. If not, then she’s most definitely continuing her food tour of Montreal’s best restaurants.

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