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The EveryDrop is designed to be a portable version of the standard pitcher, on tap or built in (refrigerator) water filtration system. As with any home water filtration product, it is intended to remove unpleasant taste and odour from municipal, potable tap water.

A hand held device, designed to look like a drop of water, it can be used to fill almost any size vessel and filters water quicker than a drip pitcher.

The good

It will filter water faster than a drip filter, so it’s ultra-convenient for filling coffee machines or washing your fruit and veggies.

It comes with a travel case and is small enough to pack in a carry-on or gym bag.

It is dishwasher safe and BPA free.

It comes with two charcoal filters, each one lasting up to 60 gallons or the equivalent of 450 bottles of water.

Any product that can cut-down on the consumption of bottled water has my vote.

The not-so-good

Although it filters water faster than a drip pitcher, it is not as fast (or convenient) as portrayed in advertisement. The reservoir will fill faster than the water can filter if using a moderate flow of tap water.

For the filter to work optimally, you have to hold it above your vessel – resting it (on a bottle or glass) seems to reduce the water flow.

It’s not inexpensive, retailing at approximately $30 USD. A good quality pitcher will run you about the same.

Final thoughts

In a home setting, I would still go with a pitcher. It may take longer to filter the water but it’s a one step, ready to go option and it doesn’t take much to remember to fill it when it’s empty! And, in a family of four, every second counts so I personally enjoy the convenience of the pitcher – just fill and walk away.

But, as someone who has spent her fair share of hard-earned cash on bottled water from a hotel room, I would definitely travel with the EveryDrop. Some cities have pretty funky tasting tap water! I would also toss one in my gym bag.

So, great on the go but a no-go for the home.


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