It’s So A-Peeling

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Underwear endorsed by Tarzan!

If you’ve ever lain awake at 2 am wondering what uses food has other than to eat it, here’s your answer. An Australian company called AussieBum has come up with an unusual use for bananas. Fibres from the bark of the banana tree are woven together to make fabric that “characteristically enjoys good luster, is lightweight, offers strong moisture absorption and is considered one of the most eco-friendly fibres in the world today,” says Sean Ashby (AussieBum Founder). Apparently, there are a number of advantages to it. The fabric is completely natural. It’s easy to spin into yarn, and it’s (by all accounts) comfortable to wear. There’s more. AussieBum uses this soft fabric to make sexy underwear for men.

Edible? Not quite, but useful, nonetheless.

Have you, by any chance, wondered lately about the state of the economy? Well, these AussieBum creations should set your mind at ease. Alan Greenspan, former U.S. Chairman of the Federal Reserve, used the underwear index as a barometer for the economic climate. It works a little like this: if men are replacing their old, worn out skivvies for brand spanking new ones, then the economy must be improving. Since these eco-undies are flying off store shelves, I’d say that the economy is definitely on the upswing!


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