Easy Furniture Fixes

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We all need furniture. It keeps us comfortable, gives us places to store our trinkets and eat our dinner. Keeping these sometimes expensive, sometimes sentimental pieces looking beautiful takes some creativity.

Candle Wax

These little glowing cylinders of joy can leave melted presents behind that stain wood and fabric. On a wood surface, harden the wax (if it just dripped) by rubbing it with an ice cube; take a plastic spatula or credit card and scrape it off. Just don’t use metal. For fabric, let it firm and scrape off as much as you can. Then place several layers of damp paper towels over the stain and iron it on a low setting. The towel will absorb the rest of the wax.

Scratched or Nicked Wood

Shoe polish allows the natural grains of the wood to keep the fix seamless. Also, if you don’t like the colour, or it dries funny, you can remove it with mineral spirits. Place a small amount of polish on a cloth and rub it into the scratch.

Rings on Wood

White rings on a wooden surface is easily fixed – you just need mineral spirits, wood wax and a buffer. Apply in that order and buff until you’re happy. For dark rings, you’ll need a professional. (Sorry!)

Wobbly Tables

Easiest fix for a wobbly table (or chair) is a support under the shorter/uneven leg. Most hardware stores have little felt pads. If you need something thicker, slice a wine cork to the appropriate thickness and affix to the foot with super glue.

Sofa Stains

Baby wipes are a convenient and efficient way to remove stains from fabric you can’t wash. They’re also gentle on the fabric. Blot stain with wipes or, if you don’t have wipes, a wet paper towel.


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