Easter Sunday ham with apricot jam

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easter sunday ham

Ham is usually the star at the Easter Sunday table and for good reason — it’s already cooked, so all you have to do is warm it. Plus it’s the roast that keeps on giving — leftover ham sandwiches are fabulous between fresh rye bread, slathered with grainy mustard and topped with lettuce and tomato. When shopping for a ham, your best bet is a bone-in. The bone helps keep the meat juicy and you’ll be able to make ham and bean soup the next day. There are many on the market; look for the best quality you can find, preferably packed in natural juices.

Easter Sunday ham with apricot glaze

Serves 6 with leftovers

1 ready-to-eat bone-in ham (5-6 lb)
1/2 cup wine, juice or chicken broth

Preheat oven to 325˚F.

With sharp knife, score the top of the ham in diamond pattern. This will allow the glaze to seep in and flavour the ham; plus, it looks nice. Place in a baking pan.

Add wine, juice or broth. Cover pan tightly with foil.  Bake for 1 1/2 hours or until internal temperature is 140˚F, adding a bit of additional liquid if needed.

During last 30 minutes, remove foil and baste with glaze. If glaze isn’t caramelizing, turn oven heat to 450˚F, and watch carefully so glaze doesn’t burn.

Remove from oven, brush with a bit more glaze, tent loosely with foil and let stand 20 minutes before carving. The ham’s internal temperature should rise to 145˚F.

apricot or peach glaze

1/2 cup apricot or peach preserves
1/2 cup dry white wine or sherry
1/2 cup honey
Juice of two large oranges

In a saucepan, simmer preserves, wine, honey and juice over medium-low heat until reduced to about 1 cup, about 25 minutes.

Match: Try either a Pinot Gris or Pinot Noir.


Quench Food Editor, Nancy Johnson, minced, sliced, chopped, sautéed and sipped her way through George Brown College’s culinary program with a focus on food writing and wine. Nancy cooks by the code her Italian grandmother taught her: For the best results, always use the freshest, best ingredients. She writes for Ohio-based Wine Buzz Magazine and recently published a short story in Woman’s World Magazine. She is always on a diet.

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