The Doorganizer

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Where are my keys?

I can’t find my phone!

Did I seriously forget that letter…again!?

If these statements sound familiar, you’re not alone. How many of us, despite our best efforts, still struggle with getting it all together before we leave the house. Some of us in smaller spaces just don’t have the room to put up a shelf or house a console table; our key hooks can’t accommodate our phones or change or that document you can’t forget today. So, inevitably, we lose minutes a day searching – minutes that can (and should) be used for more pleasurable pursuits.

Enter the Unforgettable Doorganizer. I know, it sounds like a bad infomercial but it’s actually a very practical time management product. Manufactured by Monkey Business – and most readily available through Amazon – the Doorganizer is essentially a canvas pouch of sorts that hangs on your door handle (similar in shape to a hotel’s Do Not Disturb sign). Available in bright red with the words DO NOT FORGET stitched in white, the door knob organizer is equipped with a key latch, three deep pouches and a loop band on the back side, perfect for letters. The key latch can be a little cumbersome (a hook would have been a better idea) but even a large set of keys can be dumped in one of the pouches so it’s definitely not a deal breaker.

Priced at approximately $12, the Doorganizer doesn’t break the bank and may give you back a few precious minutes a day. It will certainly save a bit of your sanity.



Shannon is an urban soul living (and loving) a small-town, country life. Short term goals include always keeping her wine glass, and outlook on life, half-full. Long term goal…taking her three boys on a 6 month south Pacific adventure. We’ll keep you updated.

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