Dinner Dilemma

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Canadians are in a rut. We’re bored. We’re just going through the motions. Two thirds of Canadians say that dinnertime is just another meal they drop on the table. Well, no wonder. Serving the same few recipes over and over again can get old fast. Canadian cooks are crying out for a mealtime makeover.

VH Sauces recently surveyed Canadians about the state of their evening meals. The results were revealing. Only one in three people surveyed said they are proud of the evening meal they serve. Here are the top 4 issues that most people have about dinner.

• their families won’t like what they’re being served

• dinner time as just another meal

• boredom with their meal selection

• they lack confidence in their cooking abilities

Does this sound like you? If so, you’re not alone. Almost 40 percent said they prepare the same meals each week, and that number grows in households with children. In fact, one in five households with kids make two meals – one for their kids and one for adults, adding further complications to mealtime anxiety.



“The evening meal should be something to look forward to. It’s a special time to savour with family, friends or on our own. But this research shows that most Canadians are just going through the motions,” said Tony Angelucci, Brand Manager for VH Sauces. Many people cited lack of time as the reason for their evening boredom, but one third said they just did not know what to cook.

Canadians might like to read cook books and watch food programming, but when it comes to the daily reality of life, they’re looking for more inspiration. Here are some of the other survey findings.

• 40 percent of Canadians love to read cook books

• one in five men claim the microwave is the key to getting a meal on the table

• one in ten Quebecers are not confident in their cooking abilities

• one in five Manitoba, Saskatchewan & Atlantic Canadians are bored with the meal they prepare

• one in five homes with kids say they are afraid the kids or spouse won’t try something new

• both homes with and without children suffer from trying to find time to source new recipe and meal ideas



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