A Curtain How-To

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Curtains do more than just block peeping toms without being an eyesore – they enhance windows and transform the light as it enters the room. Knowing how to pick a curtain can pull a room together.


Hang your curtain above or beside the top of your window (up to 6” away) – this creates the illusion of larger windows.

Skimming the floor is crisp and neat; pooling on the floor is forgiving, especially in old buildings with uneven floors.


The two panels should equal to double the width of your window so you can close them without ruining the pleated look.


There are three types of curtains:

  • Unlined (basic panel curtains)– decorative, light filters through, keeping your room bright and glare-less.
  • Lined (two layers of fabric) – solid, these create complete darkness and the lining prevents sun damage to the fabric.
  • Interlined (three layers of fabric) – heavier, these block drafts but are only available in custom-made curtains.


Heavy silk and velvet add elegance to a room.
Silk-Rayon blends and crushed velvet are casual.
Linen, cotton and wool create crisp, neat looking drapes.
Faux silk is the most durable.
Suede, velvet, tapestry and tweed keep out drafts.


To make your curtains blend into the background, pick neutral colours in the same tone as your walls. To make them scream “look at me”, aim for bold colours.

(Note: unlined curtains will tint the room; if you go bold, pick a flattering colour.)


Blending into the decor – use solid fabric or subtle patterns. Making a statement is easy – aim for large, bold patterns. Your curtains should be the opposite of the biggest thing in the room. The couch is patterned – use solid curtains, and vice versa.


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