Cooking Challenge – Grilled Pizza

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Love pizza? So do I. Everybody typically has pizza deliverd. But, why bother? In the 40 minutes that it takes the pizza restaurant to place, cook and deliver your order, you could be enjoying a super fresh, hot, smoky pizza courtesy of your own barbecue! Do you have a bit more time? Then whip up a batch of your own pizza dough. If not, some grocery stores sell batches of dough that you can roll out and prepare however you’d like.  If you can’t find fresh balls of dough, lots of grocery stores sell either frozen dough or flatbread. Granted, the flatbread doesn’t quite give you the same smokiness once it’s been grilled. But, it is quicker and will still acquire a really nice, crunchy bottom.

With a little attention, your grilled pizzas will be the envy of your friends. Pizza grilled on a charcoal barbecue ends up as crispy and flavourful as

any pizza baked in a professional pizza oven.

The process is very simple. Heat the charcoal until its grey and smouldering. With long tongs, shift the pieces of charcoal until they’re all lining the edges of the barbecue, and none are resting in the centre. Cover the barbecue, but let the vents remain open, so the heat really builds up. If you’d like a nice smoky flavour, sprinkle wood chips that have been soaked in water on top of the coals. Set the grill over the coals, and the pizza on the grill. Cover the barbecue, and let the pizza bake. Don’t have a charcoal barbecue? No problem. This recipe works well on a propane grill, too.


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