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We’ve talked about organizing our closets and storing our summer clothes; however, every step taken to clear up clutter usually requires a sturdy storage container. Most local housewares and hardware stores nowadays have a variety of storage bin solutions available. Deciding which one is best for your specific purposes is easy.

Size does matter

… and so does shape. Assess the available storage space; use a measuring tape to note the width, height and depth. Square or rectangular containers that will fit in that space maximize storage capabilities since they sit flush to the wall and provide ample room inside.

Put a lid on it

… or don’t. Decorative bins for the playroom or office can remain lidless, but containers meant to go in long-term storage need to be covered. Especially if they’re going in a space that could be the breeding ground for vermin and pests.

It’s about quality

If you’re storing in your home, cloth or cheap plastic will suffice since the climate is controlled. For basement or garage type storage, where the temperature changes and moisture levels vary with the weather, invest in sturdy plastic containers. Your belongings will thank you later.

Clear as day

Solid or opaque bins are great accents to a finished room – like in the case of the playroom and office bins. For storage spaces in hard to reach or cramped places, aim for transparent materials that allow you to easily see the contents without removing it and peaking inside. If you can’t find clear containers in the right size, invest in strong adhesive labels to mark the bins. That way you can read the contents clearly and save yourself the hassle of pulling everything out.


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