Do You Have Ceilings That Make You Look Up?

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Sometimes I think we take our ceilings for granted. After all, we put so much effort into making our walls, floors and lighting look beautiful, why not spice up the flat expanse that holds the roof over our head?

Get High & Mighty

15 ft at the highest point, cathedral, vaulted and shed ceilings create space and grandeur. Cathedral ceilings follow the slope of the roof, meeting in the middle at the same point as the house’s peak; vaulted ceilings don’t follow the slope of the roof and can have equal or unequal, straight or arched slopes; and shed ceilings are one long, sloping line from a shorter to a taller wall.

Add Curves

Cove and barrel vault ceilings are used in halls and doorways to give the illusion of fluid motion. Coves mask the 90 degree angle of the wall-to-ceiling joint with a smooth, rounded surface. Barrel vault, also known as tunnel vault or wagon vault, are most common in foyers and is created by installing a series of arches along the ceiling (think of the nave in St. Peter’s Basilica).

Be Dynamic

Tray and coffered ceilings are three-dimensional focal points that work best in large rooms with lots of natural light. Tray ceilings have an indented center (where the main light fixture is installed) with decorative moulding installed along the slope. The center comes in any shape and size. Coffered ceilings are a checkered pattern that looks like the inside of a waffle iron.

Hang Out

Beams and suspended ceilings are used on existing conventional ceilings. Beams add dimension, colour, clarity and interest – typically they’re made of wood. Suspended ceilings are a metal grid with acoustic panels, attached by hangers or wires. These are stylish and used mainly in basements to hide wiring, plumbing and mechanical fixtures.


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