Cardamom Dream Mousse

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by Chef Raveena Oberoi’s

Read our Q&A with Raveena here.



  • 265g couverture white chocolate
  • 30g bloomed gelatin mass (see annex recipes)
    200g heavy cream (for infusion)
  • 200g whole milk (for infusion)
    20 cardamom pods, broken 15g cardamom powder
  • 60g egg yolk


  • 500g heavy cream, whipped to soft peak (for folding)
  • 10g powdered gelatin 
  • 60g cold water


1. INFUSION: Boil your cream and whole milk together with your broken cardamom pods and cardamom powder. Once this comes to a boil, pour all of the liquids into a container, let cool to room temp, and then cool and steep overnight in the fridge. The longer you steep, the better the flavor. I like allowing my infusion to steep for at least 36 hours.

2. ANGLAISE: Strain out 180g of infusion into a saucepan. Measure out your yolks in a separate bowl. Boil your infusion, and make an anglaise with the yolks.

  • Pour some of the boiling liquid into the yolks; whisk vigorously until incorporated. Add this entirely back into the saucepan. Let thicken, until it can coat back of a spoon. (Be careful, you don’t want your eggs to curdle!) Take off of heat.
  • Strain your hot anglaise over your white chocolate and gelatin; allow to sit for 30 seconds. With an immersion blender, or a whisk, stir and incorporate the mass. This is now your mousse base. Allow to cool to room temperature.

3. BLOOMED GELATIN: Put powdered gelatin into a bowl or container. Pour over cold water. Stir very minimally. Let it sit for 5-10 min, then it’s ready to use!

4.MOUSSE: Whip up your second measure of heavy cream to soft peaks. Fold your mousse base into the heavy cream gently, using soft, figure-8 motions, starting from the middle of the mousse and folding outward until completely incorporated.

  • Present your mousse in dessert glasses, shot glasses, or – pipe the mousse into silicone dessert molds for awesome and impressive shapes!

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