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There are so many television shows that follow chefs as they spill sweat and tears in their efforts to become the best that they can be, to create the best food those lucky enough to be around them have ever had the opportunity to eat. That’s great. They deserve that attention. Becoming a chef requires a very high degree of commitment, study, practice and time. In the professional kitchen, there’s no time for taking it easy and only giving half an effort. Reaching the top and creating the best are not options. They’re the mantras of great chefs.

But, awesome meals aren’t typically enjoyed all by themselves. What we’re offered as beverage alongside those meals is really what kicks it all up a few notches. The food may be tasty, the drink may be yummy, but together they truly reach monumental and mouthwatering heights.

So, in any discussion about food, we really need to include the efforts of those great mixologists who spend their days inventing different concoctions that not only satisfy our taste buds, but also complement food. On the night of June 10, at the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel in Toronto, competing mixologists endeavoured to do just that. The Diageo World Class Bartender of the Year was finally crowned. In July, competition will be the fiercest yet as the 50 best-in-the-world bartenders will compete for the ultimate title. There was a lot at stake for the participating bartenders last night. Tony Abou-Ganim, Steve Olson, Jenner Cormier, Jacob Richler and Ricky Gomez brought their best to the competition. But, at the end of the night only one was left standing.

Jenner Cormier was the first-ever Canadian to be awarded the title of World Class Bartender of the Year. Halifax-based surfer and bartender, Jenner has mastered the art of the mad scientist (as he has proclaimed himself to be) all in an effort to create the best-tasting, crowd-pleasing drinks possible. Next month, he will go on to the international level of competition. Representing Canada, Jenner will no doubt impress as he competes against 50 of the world’s best bartenders.

Congratulations Jenner! Keep up the good work.

If you can’t get to Halifax, but you’d like to try some of Jenner’s cocktails and get a sense of why he was crowned the best. Try four of Jenner’s Gems.


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