Canada Day Party Crash Course

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Canada Day is right around the corner. It’s the one day a year that Canadians get really patriotic, breaking out the red and white, and celebrating the great country we live in. If you’re throwing a party (and even if you’re not) here are a few ways to embrace the day.

Table for two

Two colours that is – you don’t need to go so far as to throw a Canadian flag on your table; instead, look for a red and white checkered or patterned table cloth that will put your guests in the mind of the good ol’ maple leaf.

Full of hot air

Around this time of year, most party stores will have a slew of Canadian-flag themed balloons in stock for you to choose from. Fill them up (with helium if you can swing it) and place a few on your front porch and in your party room.

Go all out

From red and white ramekins, to red napkins, and all the way over to paper or plastic dishes, make the theme hit home with red and white… everything.

Icing on the (cup)cake

For your dessert course, prepare cupcakes with red and white icing – put on your creative hat and decorate each one with the Canadian flag, or set out the whole tray so you have a cupcake-mosaic Canadian flag.

Do everyone a favour

Nothing screams Canadian like generousity – and apologizing. Prepare party favours for your guest that include something like:

  • paper flag on a stick;
  • “fun facts” list about Canada – you can either get a book or make the list yourself;
  • Canadian flag tattoos;
  • over-sized Canada-themed sunglasses; or
  • really anything Canada-themed that you can dream up.



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