6 Budget-Friendly Facelifts for the House

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Everyone thinks about their interior – making it cozy, giving it a bit of edge to wow guests, finding ways to keep it clean – but the exterior of the home is just as important, especially for first impressions. And, it gets much more wear and tear than the inside, what with mother nature’s various torments. Looking forward to the warmer spring weather, now is the ideal time to think about ways to update the appearance of your home with these easy, budget friendly tips.

Fresh Coat of Paint

We’re not talking about painting the whole house (that would be labour intensive and quite expensive) – but a fresh coat of paint on your doors, window sills, front porch and any wood facades make a huge impact on the overall look of a house.

Take a Number

With all the new type fonts available for house numbers, take a moment to find one that really suits your home’s personality. These new numbers will help any lost soul find their way.

Welcome In

A new door mat, especially one in a fresh, funky pattern, brightens up any dull stoop.

Hardy Hardware

New doorknobs and hinges, especially if they match your brand new house numbers (same metal and style) will connect the new look of the front door with the entry.

Make Note

Chalkboard paint comes in a variety of bold colours. Paint your pots with this to create a nice punch of colour on your patio, while helping keep track of what you’re growing. Bonus – they can be brought inside for the winter and add some colour during the dreary months.

Unexpected Accents

Repurpose old buckets, hardware and other metal items into garden accents. For example, an old bucket is a gentle watering can for delicate plants (poke holes a finger’s width above the bottom rim, hang above plants).


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