Beef Tenderloin 3 Ways

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I had the wonderful opportunity last week to watch a friend of mine cook up a storm. She’s extremely creative in the kitchen, and she agreed to share this recipe for beef tenderloin done three ways. Moving about her kitchen quickly, the whole operation probably took her about an hour. We had a fabulous time cooking, talking and eating. I love to cook and be creative in the kitchen, but having someone else do the cooking while I take pictures and sample as we go along was lots of fun. Have you ever had a cooking party? If so, let me know. I’d love to see photos that feature great food and people having fun!


Despite the number of steps and the list of ingredients, this meal is light and tasty. Perfect for brunch or lunch. The photo above is one variation of this recipe. Voilà, tenderloin and goat cheese salad.


Fry up the potato pancakes while the tenderloin is grilling. The pancakes are fairly thin, so they’ll become crispy and golden in just a few short minutes.

Unusual? Maybe. But, oh so good! I have to admit that adding a hit of salt, pepper and olive oil to mild, creamy goat cheese surprised me. I guess I was a bit of a purist without realizing it. I’ve never really considered adding anything to cheese. The result is a lovely boost of unexpected flavour.

The goat cheese phyllo packets can be baked in the oven at 400°F or fried until golden in a frying pan. Goat cheese is wonderful in this preparation because it develops a tongue pleasing creamy-soft-yet-slightly-firm texture.

The beets are cooked through first. Boil, roast or microwave them — use whichever method you prefer. I love the flavour of roasted anything, but in the interest of time, my friend cooked these up in the microwave. Then, fry them up. Easy! The eggs are for variation number 3 below.

Here’s how it comes together with a handful of arugula and a drizzling of Balsamic vinegar.

The final variation! This dish is really very lovely decorated with a slice or two of tomato on top.


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