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World Cup of Soccer action starts in just a few days! I really recommend catching a few games. Just like the hockey playoffs, the world cup showcases some great soccer. Unfortunately, unlike hockey, the World Cup is played only once every four years. A lot can happen in all of that time. The winners of the last Cup might have dropped to the bottom of the heap, and a team that, previously, never even made it to the finals, might actually make it to the top. I’m sure soccer fans everywhere already know this, but I’ll repeat it for the benefit of those who don’t (and because I’m a fan), Italy took the Cup in 2006. Will they be able to pull it off again? Time will tell. The Toronto F/C, Canada’s own great team, played a fabulous season, but they didn’t quite make it to the finals. No matter, there’s always next time.

This time, the World Cup is being played in South Africa which poses a bit of a time problem if you’re hoping to catch a game or two with friends at your local bar. South Africa is about six hours ahead of us (depending on where you live in Canada). Laws concerning when bars can start serving alcohol differ across the country. In Ontario (perhaps because of its temperance past?), bars typically don’t offer alcohol until 11 am. Well, thanks to swift action by the province’s Minister of Consumer Services, bars and restaurants throughout the province are free to start serving beer, wine, etc at 10 am to better align with when some of the soccer games will be played.

Is alcohol necessary to enjoy a good soccer game? Of course not. But, great wine paired with delicious food heightens the experience of getting together with friends and family. Don’t make it about the “buzz” from the alcohol. Make it about the combination of good food, drink and people.

Does time regulate when alcohol can be served where you are?


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