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Now that you know how to find out where the festivals are this summer, it’s time to plan for a great time, regardless of weather or accommodation. These apps can help you plan your trip, pack your bags and save money.


iDevices, Android
Keep your event plans organized with this handy app. You can create lists, share them with the people you’re going with and check off tasks or events as they’re completed. The bonus? This is an excellent organizational tool for all year round.

Pack the Bag (iDevices) or Pack Me (Android)

Packing can be a pain in the you-know-what. Lists are always helpful, but figuring out what to put on the lists isn’t always easy. Both of these apps have suggestions, pre-made lists to inspire you and easy to use functionality that will ensure you never forget your bathing suit or go without clean socks.

Festival Ready

iDevices, Android
From the people who brought us the Swiss Army Knife comes an all-purpose app for festivals. Festival Ready includes 3D navigation, weather forecasts, camping tips and even a sound flare.

Easy Battery Saver

Or really anything that helps monitor your battery, regulates the battery usage depending on the time available and gives you a heads up on how much juice is left.

Find My Friends

iDevices, Android
When you go anywhere with a group of friends, there’s always a risk of getting separated. Finding friends is what this app is made to do. Have everyone in your group install this app on their phones before you leave. You can chat through the app to organize trip details and find your friends (and family) at the festival.


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