An Enlightened Transformation

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Lamps are usually the last thought in a room’s décor. They are purchased for convenience – an accessible bedside lamp or living room floor lamp by your favourite reading chair. But lamps can serve a larger purpose in a room… they can truly transform it.


This one is a bit obvious, but when used appropriately lamps can provide key illumination. A floor lamp brightens dark corners and separates reading areas from the rest of the room. Table lamps fill out a room and soften the glare from the ceiling fixture.

Highlight the Point

Shine a little bit of light on your room’s focal point. Place smaller fixtures on your bookshelf to highlight your collection. Two simple floor lamps on either side of a large painting or mirror will accentuate the focal point.

Eye Candy

Lamps are like jewelry, the right style will add drama to your room. If your space is dominated by neutral colours or lacking a focal point, use a bold coloured lampshade with texture to add a bit of flair. Find a matching throw pillow to pull the room together.

Mix it Up

Find a few styles that suit your tastes and use them in one room. Keeping the colours within your room’s colour palette but varying the base structure will add drama to the space.

Mood Lighting

These days you can get bulbs in varying sizes and strengths. For a cozy look, try bulbs with a coloured coating. Rooms that require lots of light – like offices or dining rooms – need higher wattages.


A freelance writer and editor, Lisa Hoekstra loves learning and trying new things. She can be found with her nose in a book or multiple tabs open on her browser as she researches the latest and greatest in the world of food, style and everything in between.

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