5 Fun Easter Egg Crafts

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This Easter, try a funky new take on traditional dyed eggs. Here are five fun Do-It-Yourself Easter egg crafts that are easy (the kids can help!) and will delight your guests.

Glittering Surprise

dyed egg shells, glitter
Make Cascarones – confetti eggs that are piñatas for your head! Fill with glitter; you may need to widen one of the holes to make the process easier. Use gold glitter in one and silver in the rest. When the hunt is over, break them. Whoever finds the gold wins a chocolate-y prize!

Funny Fortunes

dyed egg shells, strips of paper
Place a colourful egg with a fortune on each of your table settings for a fun fortune eggs-perience.
Prepare “fortunes” on strips of paper. Roll the fortune and slide it into the egg. Then, place the egg in a decorative box with the instructions, “crack me”.

Jiggling Dessert

dyed egg shells, Jello
Serve these for dessert to make your guests laugh. The kids will love it! Remove the top of the shell. Prepare Jello in a glass measuring cup and pour it into each egg; put the carton in the fridge so the Jello can set.

Flowering Centerpieces

dyed egg shells, soil, seeds or seedlings
Set these mini-planters in box with pastel-coloured tissue paper for an interesting centerpiece. Remove the top of the shell. Fill with soil and add the plant – in order to have these ready for Easter, use seedlings that are almost ready to flower.

Glowing Globes

dyed egg shells, wax, birthday candles
Make beautiful glowing Easter candles for the table. Remove the top of the shell. Melt wax – boil old candles, household wax or use a candle making kit from your local craft store – and pour into the shells. Place birthday candles in the liquid wax. Leave overnight without moving.


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