5 Design Concepts Make A Small Room Big

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Whether it’s an apartment or a house, small rooms plague us all. Focusing on these five design concepts will make the tiny spaces echo with beauty.


Match the wall colours to the ones outside your window — light green, pale yellow – to create continuity between your room and the outdoors. Light or bright paint also makes a room feel airier. Only use dark colours as accents — vases, pillows, knickknacks — to pull the room together.


Let in the natural light. Sunlight makes a room brighter and bigger. Don’t have windows? Lamps in every nook and cranny create the illusion of natural light. Though you should never underestimate the power of a well-placed mirror.


Find pieces that sit low against the wall to make your ceilings appear higher. Neutral furniture that matches or complements the walls are even better. Have big furniture? Only use one or two pieces — fewer big pieces make a room look larger.

Focal Point

Draw the eye to one object — a poster, mirror or floor-to-ceiling bookshelf — and arrange the room around it. Use the poster’s colours as accents in your décor; place the mirror where it will reflect the most light; and leave some bookshelves half-empty for a de-cluttered look.


Keep your space clutter-free by removing everything that isn’t necessary — furniture, knickknacks, trinkets from well-meaning aunts – if it doesn’t match the décor, it doesn’t belong. Multi-functional furniture helps: an ottoman/coffee table, sofa with storage or bookshelf  (I highly suggest a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf…).


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One response to “5 Design Concepts Make A Small Room Big”

  1. Naomi says:

    Excellent post! I am trashing my trinkets and thinning out my bookshelves in the morning.

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