3 great patios on Canada’s east coast

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3 patios to visit in maritimes

We’re eager for the warm sun hitting our faces as we taste a bit of the local fare. If you happen to be in Canada’s east coast (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island), it’s filled with places where you can meet up with friends for an afternoon of watching the world go by.

Summer is short and beautiful out on the coast, so when the weather is right, you can’t afford to miss a single patio opportunity.

Here are three great options.

Lower Deck Patio summer

The Lower Deck

1887 Upper Water Street
Halifax, NS

What’s better than a patio? A waterfront patio. The Lower Deck is open year-round, with three floors of tables inside, but come summertime the doors open and the patio comes to life. After all, it’s a well-known fact that fish and chips taste better the closer you are to salt water.

You should try:

Deep fried pepperoni with honey mustard sauce. Frying gives the pepperoni a chewy texture, and a slightly cupped shape perfect for scooping up sauce.

Rusty Anchor Summer Patio

The Rusty Anchor

23197 Cabot Trail
Pleasant Bay, NS

Driving the Cabot Trail is an experience all on its own, with scenery around every corner. Appreciating nature is hungry work, which is why when you hit the halfway point, make sure to stop at The Rusty Anchor.

You should try:

Rusty’s Punch, a combination of black rum, triple sec and citrus juice. If you’re a rum lover, you will be right at home on the east coast.

Graystone Brewing

Graystone Brewing

221 King Street
Fredericton, NB

Do you like dogs? How about beer? How about a patio full of dogs and beer? If this sounds like your idea of heaven, float on down to Graystone Brewing where you can try some of New Brunswick’s best new beers. Their 20 plus taps are usually set up as half Graystone, half craft breweries from around the province.

You should try:

A beer, obviously! If you don’t feel like drinking on an empty stomach, many of Fredericton’s finest food trucks often park right next door (they know a good idea when they see one).

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