3, 2, 1…Summer!

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Summer is only a few short weeks away! The backyard has been prepped, the vacation has been scheduled, camp is booked and the kids’ sports are underway.

In the happy rush of anticipation, many of us forget that a shift in schedules can also be a time of stress. Our bodies and our minds need to be prepared for the new “every day” and for some of the unexpected chaos that summer can bring. Here are a few tips to keep your summer sanity.


Keeping the kids busy

Even with a packed schedule, kids will inevitably utter “I’m bored” at least twice a day. Have a few great ideas on hand for those moments.

50 outdoor summer activities for kids



Summer days aren’t always lazy days. Work, activities and just needing some outdoor time can make for a very tight schedule. We all need some unscheduled time.

Take the weekend off


Mommy time

Being a parent is awesome. Getting to spend all those extra summer hours with our kids is great. But, remember to take some time out as a couple or to hang out with friends. Even the best parent needs an occasional time out from the kids.

How taking time away from your kids will make you a better parent


Eat well, sleep well

The parties, the bbq treats, the drinks and a few later than usual nights are all hallmarks of summer. Enjoy but find balance in your eating and sleeping habits.

Diet, Exercise and Sleep



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