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There’s nothing like history to keep you on track. The first recorded mention of Château Latour is 1331. Since then, through the various wars and trade blockades, this famous winery has been leading the charge in Bordeaux toward producing ever better wine.  In fact, it wasn’t until the 1700s that Latour started to come into its own. Now owned by “the prince of the vines”, Alexandre de Ségur, Latour shed its old feudal system of leasing out parcels of land to be farmed and collecting rent from them. Latour instead began tending the vineyards itself and even acquiring more land.

All of those positive changes did much to further Latour’s dominance in France’s wine industry. But, what helped to perhaps an even larger extend was that by the 1900s England was developing a taste for fine wine. Latour jumped on the opportunity to export its wine to the English market. The two characteristics of Latour’s wine that pleased the English were the quality and the price.

Never content to rest on its laurels, Château Latour continues to innovate. Within the last nearly 20 years, Latour has undergone an extensive renovation that included a re-designed vat room, winemaking area, storage centre and tasting room. As important as the look of Latour is, the winery’s team is on a constant quest to make the best possible product. In that light, Latour continues to push the boundaries into biodynamic winemaking and “new traceability systems”. Château Latour continues to hold itself to a benchmark standard.

Photo Credit: Château Latour


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