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Negroamaro is a red grape variety found in Southern Italy, Puglia in particular. Puglia is situated on the heel of the boot. The climate there is typically hot in the summer with temperatures reaching as high as 30°C and winter lows in the 6°C range. They also see upwards of 300 days of pure sunshine. If you could be a grape, isn’t this where you’d hope to be growing? Puglia boasts the ideal grape-growing conditions. The grape’s name is a compound word: negro is Spanish for black, and amaro is Italian for bitter. Nero is actually the Italian word for black. Given the extensive back-and-forth trade that Southern Italy has seen over its millennial lifespan, I wonder if the the Negroamaro grape was, at some point in time, an import from Spain. Then there’s the theory that negro is derived from the Latin nigra and amaro from the Greek, both words meaning “dark”.

Negroamaro produces wine that’s dark and full-bodied, and is perfect for cellar ageing. It’s actually produced some tasty rosés as well. Throughout its history, though, it’s been mostly used as a blending wine adding its aromas and flavours of blackberries and plum Malvasia Nera.

Try the great buys listed below. They’re a perfect match for a meat-eater’s barbecue. Enjoy Negroamaro’s nicely balanced mouthfeel with grilled lamb and steak.

Candido Riserva Salice Salentino 2005 $ 12.95

Nardo Roccamora Negroamaro 2006 $ 16.95

Cantine Due Palme Selvarossa Riserva Salice Salentino 2006 $ 17.95


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