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If you love exploring the wines of Canada as much as I do, take the trek to Nova Scotia. One of Canada’s oldest regions to have vines but only recently revived; some of the most delicious glasses I’ve had come from this special place. The majority of the vineyards and wineries are tucked away in the Annapolis and Gaspereau Valleys just south of the Bay of Fundy. Despite taking advantage of the warmer microclimates there, this is overall a cool growing region, and freshness and vibrancy are the hallmarks of wine style. The Tidal Bay appellation is a mostly stylistic one, requiring the grapes to be of Nova Scotia origin, and stipulating that the wine be light bodied, lower alcohol (no more than 11%), and made from white hybrid grapes such as L’Acadie, Seyval, Vidal, and Ortega, along with more recognized varieties like Riesling and Pinot Blanc. There are twelve Tidal Bay wines to try from the 2017 vintage, each a perfect match for the seafood catch of the day, late afternoon sunshine and post swim beach hair.

Benjamin Bridge Tidal Bay, Nova Scotia 2017 ($20)

Showier on the nose than many Tidal Bay wines and previous vintages of the BB version. Aromas of citrus blossoms, pink grapefruit, key lime, white grape juice, and a fresh, faint whiff of mint. A pink hue hints at the inclusion of North American Muscats (perhaps?).  Bright explosion of grapefruit and nectarine freshness on the palate, with tart lemon, juicy, and precise. Slightly saline tang makes this wine super appetizing.

Luckett Vineyards Tidal Bay, Nova Scotia 2017 ($21)

Showing off a greener style, with under ripe honeydew melon, lime, white blossoms. Restrained, the palate quite lean, with hardly perceived alcohol, thought in line with the style of the appellation. Perceived as dry and fresh as heck!  Pass the oysters and keep the lemon, I have all the acid I need in the glass.

Blomindon Estate Tidal Bay, Nova Scotia 2017 ($22)

In between the BB and the Luckett in terms of aromatic intensity, with green pear, lime, pear flowers, lemon zest. Acid? Check! Balance? Also check! It has a touch more body than the first two, but still in the super lean wine camp. Lovely!


Brie is a wine professional based in Ontario, and is often spotted with a corkscrew in hand on the restaurant floor. She has conquered the WSET Diploma and the CMS Advanced Sommelier exam, and has a love of sticking her nose in both glasses and books. Favorite food? You bet! Most of them, but especially cheese.

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