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Davids Tea reset and recharge

I’m not being judgmental, but I’m sure many of us have found, during these “uncertain times” (as an aside, has anyone out there ever lived in “certain” times?), that “happy hour” tends to get rolling a fair bit earlier than usual (like, before noon), and that it lasts a fair bit longer than an hour. Given this possibility, the need to partake in some detoxifying, stress-relieving and just all-around “clean” liquids becomes important. Yes, balance is everything.

DAVIDs TEA has come to the rescue with a range of teas designed to reset, recharge and detoxify. Sarah Vincent, the company’s Public Relations Coordination states: “We at DAVIDsTEA are inspired by personal wellness journeys and celebrate how everyone chooses to incorporate wellness into their own lifestyle. We love formulating blends that can accompany your personal wellness routine! For us, tea is a reminder to slow down and prioritize well-being.”

The Reset & Recharge collection includes: Reishi Recharge (which I love), Blood Orange Boost and Eucalyptus Mist (super refreshing). These teas help in situations “when you feel your concentration slipping or that anxiety heightening … the adaptogens in these loose-leaf teas soothe and recharge you.” Other calming teas include Tulsi Tranquility, Organic Serenity Now & Organic Calming Chamomile.

There are also Guarana Chai, Organic Lady Chaga and Just Beet It (another fav of mine; in fact, drinking it now), which are perfect ups when you feel your energy level start to sag. “These wake-up teas are super-charged with reviving ingredients to stimulate your system. Bonus: they also make the perfect early morning pick-me-up.” And don’t miss the revitalizing Deep Blue Spirulina that includes colour-changing butterfly pea. The tea’s unique flavour is matched only by its engaging colour.

Hydration and detoxification are also important in these “all-day happy hour” times. For the latter, try the crisp After Dinner Mint and the invigorating Dragonfruit Aloe. The Dragonfruit Aloe is great detoxifier as well, as is the aptly named Organic Detox. As the package states, if you use it and it doesn’t seem to be working, “Just go back to bed.”

Maintaining good gut health is also key to overall wellbeing. The Wild Tonic folks have stepped in with flavourful range of Jun Kombucha products. Jun is a cousin of traditional Kombucha (a fermented tea, often flavoured with fruits and spices.) Jun Kombucha is made with honey instead of cane sugar, giving it a smoother, lighter profile, absent the vinegar bite common in traditional Kombucha. The tea and honey are fermented with a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast). The honey feeds the SCOBY, allowing probiotics, prebiotics, and amino acids to naturally develop. These elements and the good bacteria are essential for good gut health, and good gut health leads to feeling better.

The Wild Tonic line comes in a range of exotic flavours and in both alcoholic and non-alcoholic versions. Blackberry Mint, Mango Ginger, Blueberry Basil, Raspberry Goji Rose, and Tropical Turmeric are but a few of the (in some cases surprising) flavour combinations.

As an added bonus, the people behind Wild Tonic are extremely earth-friendly, and make every effort to act in a sustainable, environmentally conscious manner, including actively participating the overall health, growth and stability of the bee population. As they point out, “if bees don’t exist neither does coffee, chocolate, watermelon, avocados and countless other foods. The pollination from honey bees in the United States contribute to over 150 crops, generating $20 billion annually.”

Wild Tonic is currently available on Instacart, Amazon, Whole Foods, Favor, PostMates, Uber Eats, Holiday Wine Cellar, and many other retailers with direct to consumer launching soon.

Stay well, stay healthy, enjoy some Jun Kombucha and tea. And befriend a bee.

Photo source: DAVIDs TEA Reset & Recharge Collection


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