The Rosé Violette

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In some circles, rosés are still considered a “lady’s” drink. I guess that unfortunate restriction is due to some misguided notion that “ladies” like soft, fruity, pink drinks. Guilty as charged – I do like those kinds of rosés. But, if you haven’t already tried some of the drier, well-aged types, I fully recommend you do. Lopez de Heredia, for one, makes a rosé that’s as wonderfully deep and complex as any red.  Except for the colour (although some can be more orange than pink), these rosés are quite the antithesis of sweeter examples. Finding the right rosé for everyone’s taste is entirely possible. As for reserving rosés for the ladies … well, sure, guys don’t need to know what they’re missing, right?  


The Rosé Violette

4-6 oz Jackson-Triggs Rosé
2 sliced strawberries
6 lavender leaves
1/2 lime
1 tbsp honey

Muddle strawberries (save one slice for garnish), lime, and lavender leaves in a martini shaker. Add honey and Jackson-Triggs Rosé. Shake and strain liquid into a mason jar or cocktail glass. Garnish with strawberry slice on glass or sprinkle with edible flowers.



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