Stellar Bottles is a new wine-subscription business launched by Bob Paulinski

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Stellar Bottles

Stellar Bottles LLC has launched a new wine subscription based, direct to consumer web business. The focus is family-owned, small-scale artisanal wineries from the world’s classic and up-and-coming regions. Founder, Bob Paulinski, heads the first U.S. business of it’s kind that is owned by a Master of Wine.

Stellar Bottles provides a unique way to discover and enjoy wines that better fit into the lifestyles of how people actually drink wine. Each month, a non-geek speak update of the featured wines will be provided on the website. It’ll detail where and how the wines were made, along with the people behind them. You’ll be informed of which are made sustainably, organically and biodynamically or if they are vegan friendly. All selections are assessed with food. In addition, you’ll be provided with insights on how to serve the wines, how long they can be cellared and even how they fare on the second day after being opened.

With over 30 years in the wine trade, Paulinski has extensive experience as a longtime specialty wine store owner and a business leader with some of the largest wine retailers in the US and Australia. He’s traveled extensively to wine regions around the world, along with judging at major wine competitions in the U.S., Europe, South America and Australia. He passed the notoriously difficult Master of Wine exam in 2002 and in doing so broke a four year span in which no one passed in North America.

Paulinski commented, “I created Stellar Bottles to provide a simple, approachable and unpretentious way for people to explore, discover and enjoy the highest quality, authentic wines from all regions of the world. They are wines that can easily be overlooked in a crowded marketplace. I personally search out the best wines for you to enjoy.”

Within the Stellar Bottles model, customers can choose from a variety of recurring three bottle plans, along with the general types of preferred wines and the frequency of delivery (monthly, every other month or quarterly). Each month, the offering is completely updated. Only about two percent of the tasted wines will become part of a future offer. There is no membership fee. Shipments can be paused as needed. Shipping is free. Initially, the business will be selling solely in California. Additional states will be targeted for later in 2019 and 2020.

Paulinski says, “Today’s market has so many labels, it’s challenging to know what you’re actually buying. Increasingly, a few mega companies, along with an explosion of private label wines with catchy labels have come to dominate the market. At Stellar Bottles, our mantra is in the polar opposite direction. The best small scale brick-and-mortar wineries are searched out from all around the world, many with histories that go back multiple generations. These are the types of wines that do not find consumers with large marketing budgets, but rather are discovered through actively searching them out. This is where the expertise of Stellar Bottles comes into the picture.”

Wines are assessed under a core belief that the best are a result of obsessive attention in the vineyard and minimal manipulation within the winery. This allows for the most expressive, authentic and pure experience, along with the truest sense of place. This is the essence of true artisanal wines. This is the sole purpose behind Stellar Bottles.


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