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Just about a year ago now, I was invited to a lunch, learn and tasting about Chile’s new DOs (Donominacion de Origen) system and regions … I have yet to really see them on bottles but let’s take an advanced look at them.

Costa – coastal to the mountain ranges, influenced by the Humboldt current which goes from south to north; within this appellation there are lots of limestone soils.

Entre Cordilleras – central valley with a Mediterranean climate; within there are a mosaic of terroir and sedimentary soils.

Andes – located in the foothills of the Andes Mountains; diurnal temperatures bring cooler air from the mountains in the evening and overnight; alluvial soils that are rocky and stony.

Here are a few wines that represent the above regions:

Concha y Toro 2011 Marques de Casa Concha Pinot Noir ($19.95) – Costa Region

A real juicy Pinot which has tons of raspberry, hints of the expected earthy, but always with lots and lots of red berries.

Bisquertt 2010 Ecos de Rulo Single Vineyard Carmenere ($19.95) – Entre Cordilleras Region

Sexy and smooth with lots of herbal notes and hints of chocolate set within an array of dark and smoky fruits.

Santa Rita 2009 Medalla Real Cabernet Sauvignon ($17.95) – Andes Region

Chocolate, cherry, strawberry with a touch of mint; sexy, smooth and so typically Chilean, just what the doctor ordered

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