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So far the weather has been absolutely spectacular this summer. Hot, dry, sultry days may not stimulate your appetite for elaborate meals, but this kind of weather provides the perfect reason to crack open a light and lovely bottle of wine. Should you choose a light red, a rosé or a white? Although any one of these would be perfect, I’m going to suggest you go with white. There are a number of good whites out there that deserve your attention.


Sitting on the patio or at the beach, wherever you happen to be, look for some of the off-the-beaten-track whites that will inevitably elevate the best day to something even greater. Sound impossible? Not so. Everyone’s familiar with Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewûrztraminer. Perfect summer sippers, no doubt. But why not take this opportunity to try something equally refreshing, but just a little uncommon?

Visit your local liquor purveyor, and pick up a bottle or two of the following.

Cusumano Insolia 2009 (Italy)
The little known Insolia grape calls Sicily home. It’s golden in colour and tastes of pear and apple. The floral nose recalls the cool and fragrant aromas wafting up from Sicily’s many gardens.

Viña Vilano Verdejo 2008 (Spain)
Winner of a number of gold and silver medals, the verdejo grape is redolent with aromas and flavours of bay leaf, citrus and marjoram.

Enrico Serafino Moscato D’Asti (Italy)
This wine is very versatile, pairing beautifully with grilled salmon to fruit salads to spicy fare. Slightly sweet and fizzy, it’s incredibly refreshing all on its own, too.

Hugo Grüner Veltliner 2008 (Austria)
The Grüner Veltliner grape is very aromatic, fruity and vibrant.


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