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Not much has changed at the Jack Daniel Distillery since it was registered by the U.S. government in 1866. It’s venerable Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey remains a cultural icon and, with the exception of a few line extensions (Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey; Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Tennessee Whiskey), remains the distillery’s sole product. It’s therefore a fairly radical move for it to dive into the ready-to-drink cocktail (read cooler) market. However, the plunge has been taken and Jack Daniel’s Jack & Cola, Jack & Lemonade and Jack & Iced Tea are now available in Canada (and, presumably, elsewhere).

“Jack Daniel’s is pleased to offer ready-to-drink cocktails in Canada,” says Jeremy Shepherd, Canada country manager for Brown-Forman, parent company of Jack Daniel’s. “The smooth taste of Jack Daniel’s paired with our customers’ favourite flavours results in a series of beverage offerings in a convenient format.”

Perhaps the most pleasantly surprising aspect of these products is that you can actually taste the whiskey. Unlike other coolers that are typically vodka-based, Jack Daniel’s has a unique taste that melds with the cola, lemonade and iced tea flavours without being drowned out. If there can be such a thing as a “mature market” cooler, these are probably as close as you can get.

Not to be confused with bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey is a distinct style that owes its smooth, vanilla and caramel-tinged profile to its unique, charcoal mellowing process.

Jack Daniel’s ready-to-drink cocktails are available in select Canadian markets in four-packs of 355ml cans at a suggested price of $10.95. The cola flavour is also being offered in a single 473ml can for $3.25 per.


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