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Since January is the month of icewine, I’ve planned a month of icewine recipes. Try to get out to Niagara, Ontario to enjoy some of the many festivities going on this month. But, if you can’t, you can have a taste of this lovely tipple in your own home. Icewine runs the price gamut, so choose whatever bottle fits into your budget. You won’t be disappointed.

The recipes that will appear in this space each weekday throughout the month of January come to me courtesy of Wine Country Ontario, and cover every type of entertaining you might find yourself involved in. Wait, I can hear the cries now … “But, isn’t icewine just for dessert?” Of course. It’s so delicious and nuanced it can be dessert. But, icewine is going through a renaissance among chefs. It pairs particularly well with savoury and spicy dishes, too. If you happen to live in Ontario, if fits perfectly well with the 100 mile diet.

If you haven’t yet tried icewine (or even if you have), give some or all of the recipes this month a try. I think you’ll discover a new love for this sweet and complex libation. Let me know your thoughts and experiences.

Frostbite Martini
This recipe is from New York City’s Stir Lounge.

2 oz Vodka
1 oz Riesling Icewine

Shake with ice then pour into a martini glass.

The Classic Icewine Cocktail Garnish

Pluck a handful of grapes, wet them; roll in corn starch, then sugar. Carefully skewer each grape individually and slide almost to the top (so the grape will stay out of the drink when used). Freeze the grapes.


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