Hopwine Virtual Wine Fair takes wine trade online

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Hopwine Virtual Wine Fair

The wine world is changing. Admittedly, it’s always evolving – like any good vino, the industry develops with age. On May 18, the world’s first virtual wine fair will open it’s digital doors to industry professionals. Hopwine Virutal Wine Fair is the brainchild of Tyméo’s agency – specialist in the communication of wines and spirits – and Vinovae, a patented wine rebottling solution.

They’ve been planning this virtual version of a wine fair for a while now, and the COVID-19 crisis gave them a great reason to launch this year. Their goal with Hopwine Virtual Wine Fair is to connect wine producers and professional buyers, so they can continue trading even under stay-at-home restrictions.

How it works

Wine producers from around the globe have registered with Hopwine Virtual Wine Fair. When the digital doors open on May 18, wine buyers will visit each producers’ virtual booth, and talk with them about their latest vintages and newest products. If the buyers like what they see, they request samples.

After the fair, Vinovae will prepare the samples in their patented 2 cl bottles. Each producer prepares a box, and that is delivered to the buyer. The buyer will then taste these samples and coordinate with the producer to place an order, if they so desire.

One benefit for producers is that they can choose who they speak to, unlike at brick-and-mortar wine fairs, where the producers are open to all guests. If a smaller German winemaker is looking for contacts in other European countries, for example, they can choose to speak only to those wine buyers who are from their desired locales.

What this means

Well, short term this means global wine trade will still be possible in this age of grounded people and planes. Providing the Hopwine Virtual Wine Fair goes well and accomplishes its goal, wine lovers will be able to find new wines on their liquor store shelves. Great news for anyone who considers wine an essential purchase (which is everybody, right?)

It’s the long term change to the wine industry landscape that is truly intriguing. Virtual wine fairs are the next step in wine trade. In the future, buyers can meet producers around the world from the comfort of their own home or office… or home office. They can test out samples and make purchasing decisions without the overhead cost of international flights and hours spent in an airport.

Granted, this will remove the excuse for a work trip to France’s wine country. So it’s entirely possible that after the COVID-19 crisis passes, wine buyers will go right back to the old way of things.


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