#FridayCocktail: A Raspberry Twist On A Classic Mojito

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Ok, it’s more than just a raspberry twist – it’s a vodka twist too. Never a huge fan of the clear and colorless libation, my brother and future sister-in law are huge fans and have slowly introduced me to the pleasures of vodka based cocktails. I enjoyed this particular version of a Mojito (the fresh mint and lime are both staple ingredients in the classic cocktail) by the pool last weekend. Served over crushed ice, it was an ideal choice on a hot summer evening.


40 ml of Vodka – we used Belvedere but if you have a favourite, by all means
6-8 fresh mint leaves
6-8 fresh raspberries – substitute with frozen if out of season or if you want to amp up the “cool” factor
Fresh lime juice – 1-2 limes
1 tsp of sugar syrup – our recipe calls for ¾ water, ¼ sugar
Soda water, chilled
Crushed ice


In a highball glass, muddle your mint leaves, raspberries, lime juice and sugar syrup.
Add vodka and crushed ice.
Stir, making sure to lift the mint from the bottom of the glass through the drink.
Top with your chilled soda water and garnish with a wedge of lime and a few fresh raspberries.

If serving a group, multiply ingredients accordingly and prepare in a pitcher.



Shannon is an urban soul living (and loving) a small-town, country life. Short term goals include always keeping her wine glass, and outlook on life, half-full. Long term goal…taking her three boys on a 6 month south Pacific adventure. We’ll keep you updated.

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