Five Minutes More: The (2nd) Wine Book for Busy People

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Five Minutes More - a wine book by Tony Aspler

When you have a wine writing career as illustrious as Tony Aspler’s, it shouldn’t surprise you when there is enough amazing content to fill a book. In Aspler’s case, it’s multiple books. Five Minutes More is the latest in Aspler’s impressive oeuvre.

The sequel to Aspler’s The Five Minute Wine Book, Five Minutes More is a collection of Aspler’s articles, essays, stories and columns from 2014 to now. Aspler crafted each chapter in such a way that it shouldn’t take any more than five minutes to read. (Hence the “Five Minute” in both books’ titles.) It’s a modest book – only 132 pages in the paperback, 84 in the e-book – packed to the brim with every bit of wine information you could want from a master wine writer. All of it written in Aspler’s familiar, approachable narrative. In fact, if there’s one thing about Five Minutes More that will appeal to everyone, it’s that Aspler throws off that pretentious wine-writer stereotype. His quote on the back cover shouts loud and clear what to expect on the pages:

Five Minutes More cover“Maybe I’m getting impatient or maybe I’m just too bored with wading through all the literature on the intricacies of matching food and wine – a minor portion of which, I confess, I have contributed over the years in several books and many articles. But I no longer give a damn about the wine’s color as long as there is a bottle of it on the table at dinner…”

Five Minutes More is (one of) Aspler’s COVID-19 quarantine/lockdown projects. “This is my latest collection of adventures and ruminations, trampling out the vintages where the grapes of joy are stored,” Aspler explains. Long-time Quench readers will recognize some of the stories he shares. All his stories are, as always, well worth the five minutes it takes to read them. This book makes a great companion during lockdown, and gift for the upcoming holiday season.

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