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This month, I’m proposing that we stray a bit from featuring wine for the Wine Tasting Club. Instead, I think it would be interesting to focus on one of wine’s cousins — a spirit. Eau de vie, translated from French as water of life (which is, perhaps, a subjective endorsement, since, I’m sure, drinking it like water probably wouldn’t do a body much good), is distilled from grapes or other fruit, and might be flavoured with tree buds and even maple syrup. It has to be said that the human drive to make alcoholic beverages out of practically anything is truly impressive. As is usually the case when it comes to wine and spirits, we have the monks to thank. It was their resourcefulness, centuries ago, that resulted in this clear, colourless and unsweetened tipple. Check out the recommendations below, then try some for yourself. Tell me your thoughts in the comment box below.

Keep this in mind:

Eau de vie is served in one to two ounce portions, preferably in a small, tulip-shaped glass (although some aficionados suggest using a snifter). Keep the bottle in the fridge. (No, it won’t turn into spirit pops.) Pour yourself a pre- or post-dinner drink. Take a moment to inhale the aromas, then take a sip. The eau de vie should have a full mouthfeel and taste like the product from which it’s made. The finish should be long and smooth.

Try these:

Eau de Vie Framboise Sauvage, France $36.95

Okanagan Spirits Old Italian Prune, Canada $45

Give this cocktail a try.

Raspberry Breeze

1oz of Framboise eau de vie
1oz of Cointreau

Combine liqueurs. Top with mango juice, and serve over ice.


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