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During the Super Bowl this past January, Stella Artois and launched their 2018 campaign. This is the fourth year that the two companies have teamed up to provide clean water to people in the developing world. The 2018 campaign kicked off with their Super Bowl ad “Taps”, featuring co-founder Matt Damon (watch it below) who poses the question: “What if you had to wait up to six hours for water?”

The campaign is simple; Canadians can purchase a limited-edition chalice for $14.99, available at the LCBO in Ontario, or on the Stella Artois website, or a 12-pack of Stella. A percentage of the sales goes to

There are three chalices available this year. Each was designed by an artist from a country where operates: Mexico’s Silvana Avila, India’s Janine Shroff, and Philippines’ Monica Ramos. The designs are the artists’ interpretation of the global water crisis in her own community.

Since 2015, the initiative has provided over $8M US to, and helped over one million people around the world. The Stella Artois Limited-Edition Chalice has been at the center of their campaigns since the partnership started. After it’s launch in January, there has been discussion about why Stella Artois doesn’t just donate the money they spend on ads and marketing for the campaign directly to The purpose of the campaign is to use Stella Artois’ global brand to raise awareness for the cause and the charity, as well as money, and spark action in consumers across the world.

“The Super Bowl provides Stella Artois and with the platform to access millions of Canadians who take their water source for granted,” said Todd Allen, vice president, marketing for Labatt Breweries. “Bringing this issue front and centre will help the 663 million people impacted by the global water crisis, and we are really proud to be part of the support internationally.”

The charity provides low-income households with affordable financing, through their WaterCredit program, to add water and sanitation infrastructure tot heir homes. “There are millions of families spending more than 20% of their income on water,” reads the website. By installing water and sanitation systems in their home, they end up being able to save that money or put it to better use in another area of their life.

The recipients do pay back the loans; the repayment goes to fund more loans, and help more people install water and sanitation solutions in their homes. also uses the donations from their partnership with Stella Artois to fund their New Ventures initiatives – research and development to provide access to safe water and sanitation – as well as their two other programs.

“ is continually scaling and evolving our model to help end the global water crisis,” said Gary White, CEO and co-founder of “The investment that Stella Artois has made in our partnership will help advance these efforts, and help achieve’s goal to reach 60 million people by 2022.”

When Canadians buy the chalice or the 12 packs of Stella, they’re also helping the partnership honour their commitments to helping end the global water crisis. can expand to support more countries and lay the foundation for a larger impact. In fact, last year, Stella Artois and announced a new four-year commitment to help provide 3.5 million people with long-term, sustainable access to clean water by 2020.

Learn more about ending global water crisis by visiting


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